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Domino Deeds

 Pay it Forward initiative

Artist and founder Jim Fussel donates his paintings to charities and organizations for free, he hopes that people who recieve his work will pay it forward in kind.

When a recipient receives their Fussell painting and does a good deed, they are encouraged to share their experience on the Domino Deeds social media accounts. 

Jim Fussell’s Work

Changing Lives One Painting At A Time

Jim has donated 9000 paintings to  hundreds of different charitable causes throughout 30 of the past 42 years of his incarceration. Some of the organizations are Pets for Vets, The Down Syndrome Association, Project X for Autism, Children’s homes, battered women’s shelters, children’s hospitals, Grace Homes in India, Appian Way in Louisiana, Gospel Hill Ministry, nursing homes, Memory Lane for alzheimer/dementia patients the list goes on.

Money raised from the auctions goes to fund the various charities and programs directly impacting those in need. 

A message from Jim Fussell

I started Domino Deeds in 2009 as a way to help heal and give back to the community. I am a self-taught artist and the Founder of Domino Deeds, an organization based on the pay it forward initiative.  I have donated over 9000 paintings to silent auctions for Pets for Vets, The Down Syndrome Association, Project X for Autism, Children’s homes, Battered Women’s Shelters, Children’s Hospitals, Grace Homes in India, Appian Way in Louisiana, Gospel Hill Ministry, the list goes on. Money raised from the auctions goes to fund the various charities and programs directly impacting those in need. I hope that you will join me in spreading random acts of kindness. 

Videos, Interviews, Blogs

Jim is a constant contributor on many platforms, helping to shed light on issues that deal with criminal justice reform and prison issues.  Here you will find all of his interviews and videos.

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The Art Of Healing

Please accept my gratitude for taking the time to read this. I am Jim Fussell, a self taught artist. I have been involved in over nine thousand different charitable causes the past thirty of the past 42 years of my incarceration. Reaching out to help those in need is a very therapeutic step, especially for someone who caused so much damage before entering prison. It helps to being about change, empathy, self reflection and to feel others pain, despair, helplessness.

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Who Is Jim Fussell

Jim Fussell was convicted of two counts of aggravated murder in 1978 and ordered to serve two consecutive prison terms of 20 years to life. Jim has been incarcerated for 42 years, he is 63 years old.

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Designed Conviction

Jim is a Featured Artist and Contributor of Designed Conviction.  Designed Conviction offers professional Creative Design, Web Design, and other creative services to give a voice to and promote the rehabilitation of incarcerated/formerly incarcerated individuals.

Featured Post

Parole Board Contact Info

Parole Board Contact Info

JUNE 28, 2021From: Jim FussellA154-973 To: All Social Media Followers Ref: Parole Board Contact Info Hello, Several have asked how they can reach out to the Ohio Parole Board to submit emails on my behalf, to request that the parole board grant parole to me. You can...

Art Gallery

I learned how to paint by watching Bob Ross on PBS. He made it look easy, with his happy little accidents. Over the years my technique has improved. I invite you to brows the gallery, I hope you will enjoy my landscapes.

News & Updates 


DECEMBER 27, 2022 From Jim Fussell/Founder/ARTIST/DOMINO DEEDS. I want to take this opportunity to say I AM SORRY for the recent hacker incident on the Twitter site JimFussellDD. On December 14th a hacker posted over 100 of the same tweet, directing followers to some...


From: Jim Fussell/Founder/Artist/Domino Deeds. December 22, 2022 Many years ago I met a warm, friendly, outgoing person named Karen Thimmes, from the Columbus area, here in Ohio. Karen is older than myself and in her mature years, living on a fixed income, she manages...


From: Jim Fussell/Founder,Domino Deeds/Artist It is often heard that, "IT TAKES A VILLAGE". We tend to give little thought to the concept or merely ignore the need. We sometimes hear that Christians move mountains for a cause, depending on many factors. Other times,...

A Letter from Humans of San Quentin to Jim Fussell

Please read, a letter from Humans of San Quentin to Jim Fussell James Fussell A154-973 Marion Correctional institution P.O. Box 57 Marion, Ohio 43301 November 15, 2022 Dear Jim, We hope this letter finds you in good health and a wonderful mindset, we think about all...

A Message from Jim Fussell

September 13, 2022From: Jim Fussell/Artist/Founder/Domino DeedsPlease check out HUMANS OF SAN QUENTIN as well as This group is relatively fresh on the scene but very equipped to shed light on a wide variety of...


I, Jim Fussell , read all of your comments and appreciate your willingness to speak your mind. I always encourage people to speak their truth. It is unfortunate that many of you are scarred for life and have allowed your hatred of me to fester in your hearts/souls....


.A petition from James Fussell, Jr. A154-973, to the Ohio Parole Board, and those forgiving individuals in society who believe in second chances, a plea to support this petition. Second chances deliver the opportunity to correct a wrong, choose a better path, and live...


I am offering 50 landscape paintings to be utilized, for Nan Whaley in her fight to become Ohio next Governor. She has very interesting insight into parole reform. I urge everyone to support her efforts. The offer stands until election day 2022. Best of luck. Jim...


Ref: WILLIAMS COLLEGE...MASS... From: Jim Fussell/Artist/Domino Deeds March 29th, 2022 I want to thank Maddy, a student at Williams College in Mass. Maddy reached out to me because her studio art class is focused on "Art into Activism". For Domino Deeds to reach such...

Open Call to Central Ohio High School Teachers

March 29, 2022 From: Jim Fussell/Artist/Founder/Domino Deeds REF: Upcoming Goal This is an open invitation to a high school teacher in Columbus, Worthington, Grove City, or the surrounding area. We at Domino Deeds are looking for a teacher in a high school, preferably...

Students’ Good Deeds – Domino Deeds in Schools

The Domino Deeds initiative that was introduced and implemented by Christi Duts in Baja Mexico has been a very heartwarming, eye-opening, informative journey. It amazes me how forthcoming these students have been. For decades I have begged those in society to share on...

GROUND BREAKING SUCCESS….One Brush Stroke at a Time

I write this message with a full heart and tears in my eyes. The recent project we at Domino Deeds orchestrated in Baja Mexico, unfolded. Thanks to Christi Duts, she organized/presented the entire event over a period of several days. This with the support of school...