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I, Jim Fussell , read all of your comments and appreciate your willingness to speak your mind. I always encourage people to speak their truth.

It is unfortunate that many of you are scarred for life and have allowed your hatred of me to fester in your hearts/souls.

While many of you are set in your beliefs, please bear in mind that some are dealing with erroneous facts. But it is not my task to change anyone’s mind about who I once was.

To those who are trying to imply that I seek revenge or want some kind of payback, those are delusional thoughts and I urge you to seek mental health intervention if your paranoia is that strong.

With the mission work of Domino and Twitter JimFussellDD, our team strives to help individuals in need. Over 10,875 paintings have touched hundreds of causes over the past 30 years and several countries.

The latest school event was a private school in another country, and not associated with Monroe County. We are presently searching for a high school in Ohio, however, based on the concerns posted on the Memories site, I agree that Switzerland of Ohio School District would not be receptive.

While I can understand why some of you feel any mention of me is a horrible idea on the Monroe Memories page, many feel the administrator of the page is being open-minded and encouraging dialogue. At this point, this message will be my last for this site. But there are two sides to every story.

In some cultures, dialogue brings about common ground where bridges are erected. Never will the past be forgotten.

Those who engage in efforts across the country to assist with the domino deeds mission work allow their hearts to direct them. It is unfortunate to see anyone lash out at people who are helping other human beings and causes. You are welcome to wish me dead but it is unfair to wish ill on kind-hearted people trying to help others around the world.

I want to thank David Majors, Sue Fussell, Rhonda Rose Galyean, Gary Smith, Ann Riesbeck DiClemente, Becky Jefferis, Anna Dixon Philip, Tina Carman, Ruth Hurst, Ellen Morton, Heidi Pfalzgraf, Debbi Which, Korey Robert Lakes, Rick Miller, and others, for your feedback.

There are those in our past lives that are better left in the past. A former relative, Valerie Davis, wrote asking me to help her 16-year-old son but wanted me to not mention it to her Mom (Sue Fussell) because it would upset her Mom. I would rather avoid individuals from the past who are set in their beliefs. It would not be prudent for me to engage in a connection with someone knowing it would upset another person. So I distanced myself and maintained documentation of all communication in the event someone made some accusation. Kinda like Sue keeping my letters in her attic.

Regarding collect phone calls, I have records of sending $49.99 every month to Sue/Danny Fussell to cover my phone calls. They would not allow me to call and talk with my dying Mother unless I paid them.

Over the past five decades, there have been many untruths that people still cling to. Life is too short to try and clarify anything because at the end of the day people will believe what they want to believe.

I did not create Domino Deeds for any parole board. I have seen the board for the past 25 years and my motivation for reaching out to society has zero to do with any parole authority.

Prisoners are NOT permitted to reach out to victim families. However, victim relatives are permitted to reach out to the prisoner. I would be open to such dialogue.

Regarding the clipping of a THIRD murder. Another man admitted to the murder a couple of years after my conviction. Charges had been dropped against me.

Small communities are always full of rumors. The businessman who Sue Fussell says contacted her, I have serious doubts. I never discussed family with anyone so for such a claim to have presented itself, there must have been underlying reasons/motive.

One lady who owned a local restaurant made the claim that I had eaten in her establishment on the morning of the murders. This also was a total fabrication. While it held no bearing, still an example of simple blatant lies told for whatever motive.

While I wish the best to ALL Monroe county residents and everyone with ties to those in that region, you have a wonderful blessing you are living.

I however have zero interest in ever returning to Monroe County based on my needs and what is best for my final days. I am a strong believer that no prisoner should ever return to an area where he or she was convicted. Simply too many haters and I am not going to spend my days answering questions from people who already have an opinion etched in their mind/heart/soul. It would be an unhealthy environment.

Anything I write or say, I always have documentation to back up/prove what I say. There are far too many individuals with evil intent lurking and trying to promote half-truths/speculation.

If anyone has anything they want to say to me, you can email me by setting up a JPAY.COM account. Again thank you to those who replied to the recent posting. Please do not trash the messenger. Freedom of Speech works for ALL.
Bless all of your Hearts.
Jim Fussell/Founder/Domino Deeds