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Knowledge is power. It is always beneficial to "hear" what others whisper behind computer screens. While some showcase ignorance, others have pointed opinions. I applaud everyone's spin of the tragic events from 1978. The speculation, the erroneous half-truths, maybe one day a forum will present itself where full disclosure will manifest for all to see/hear. Who would listen?

As you live your lives, try to imagine yourself in the shoes of those you speak so freely about. What would you think/feel/say/expect, if the shoe were on the other foot. 

Often average citizens go thru life thinking their world is one way and in an instant that changes. Appreciate one's ability to observe, appreciate one's willingness to change. The biggest obstacle is changing the minds and hearts of a few who remain their own worst enemies. They must live with their hatred, their self-destructive thought process. The blackened hearts must be a strain on your everyday lives. Hopefully those in your inner circle are free from your negative mindsets. 

Thank you all, for the opportunity to hear your comments. Soon other things will manifest and an even playing field will reveal itself. In discovery, one should always know everything. It keeps everyone on their toes. Please continue to share your inner thoughts and if any of you want to speak one on one, I am available. 
Jim Fussell