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After corresponding with many incarcerated people throughout the years, SIGRID & ELODIE became passionate about and committed to the condition of incarcerated people. They quickly came to the realization that many people in prison, especially with long sentences, end up facing severe emotional distress over the years, especially after losing touch with friends and families.

A prison correspondence is a cherished opportunity for them to escape the daily monotony and darkness of the criminal justice system, feel human again, appreciated and valued. 

Studies have also stated that it can be a powerful tool towards rehabilitation, ultimately transforming lives in the most positive ways. It is with those very facts in mind and in their hearts, that Sigrid and Elodie founded "WIRE OF HOPE PRISON PEN PAL PROGRAM", in 2019.

Their program was created to connect incarcerated people with volunteer pen pals from all over the world, for a meaningful experience. They pride themselves on giving a voice to the voiceless, on filling the gap between the incarcerated and the free world, but also on offering an ethical service, to all who reach out to them.

If you have a loved one incarcerated or if you would like to contribute as a volunteer, please visit their website at