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I want to thank WIRE OF HOPE and the founders, SIGRID & ELODIE.  Their selfless efforts to reach the people, who many in society label and treat as “disposable”. These remarkable young people are offering an avenue for redemption, a possibility to reestablish self-worth, perhaps a do-over to enable people to try and make amends. 

No crime is OK. There is zero acceptance or understanding of violence. Mass incarceration in the United States is unthinkable but the only people who are affected are the prisoners and their families. 

It is far better to try and repair lives than to simply walk away or turn your head? One day, most of all prisoners will reenter society. Would you feel better having a former prisoner as a neighbor, knowing you took steps to understand the mindset and attempted to help reshape that incarcerated person?

Revenge sentences, community opposition, hatred, are NOT the answer. I applaud Sigrid and Elodie. 
Jim Fussell