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From: Jim Fussell/Founder,Domino Deeds/Artist

It is often heard that, “IT TAKES A VILLAGE”. We tend to give little thought to the concept or merely ignore the need.

We sometimes hear that Christians move mountains for a cause, depending on many factors. Other times, everyday human beings step forward and rescue others from a dire situation.

Over the past many decades, I have taken a role in helping over 11,000 situations where strangers or causes were needing a helping hand.


I am a very prideful person, have gone without and been hungry while striving to provide for others. Unfortunately, now I find myself in desperate times when I must reach out for a helping hand.

After 45 years of incarceration, being looked upon as “disposable” by many, the reality is JULY 2023 is RECYCLE DAY.

My Parole Board Hearing will again take place. I must submit FOUR parole plans. A parole plan includes a place to live.

I am searching for someone in Ohio, to offer me information on a suitable dwelling/shelter/halfway house. It could be an apartment over a garage, any situation where I can call home TEMPORARILY.

We hear about citizens or a community coming together to pitch in to help someone in need, well the tables have turned, and I am that person in need.

I am able-bodied, eager to gain employment, dependable, trustworthy, and have a very impressive detailed parole reentry plan of ideas that will become reality.

I need to quickly locate individuals who would be willing to help. I must finalize plans before March.

If you are interested in offering assistance, please notify Domino Deeds Administrators or leave a message on the domino deed sites, or you can set up a text account directly with me by going to set up an account with James Fussell A154-973. In a couple of months we will switch over to instant text messaging with GTL and JPAY will become obsolete.

You can write to me directly at the below address to describe what if anything you are prepared to offer.

Thank you for your consideration.


Jim Fussell

A154-973 M.C.I.

P.O. BOX 57