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JUNE 28, 2021
From: Jim Fussell

To: All Social Media Followers

Ref: Parole Board Contact Info


Several have asked how they can reach out to the Ohio Parole Board to submit emails on my behalf, to request that the parole board grant parole to me.

You can send emails to:

In your email please be sure to include my name, James Fussell, Jr. A154-973.

Additionally you can phone the Ohio Parole Board at 614-995-0146.

If Domino Deeds has impacted your life in any way and you want to help, you are encouraged to reach out to allow your voice to be heard.

The parole board, during my last hearing commented that I had strong community support FOR my release however there was equally strong opposition to my release.

It takes a village and ALL voices matter. If your heart leads you to write or contact the Ohio Parole Board on my behalf, I will be grateful to you.

Thank you,
Jim Fussell
Artist/Founder of Domino Deeds