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The Domino Deeds initiative that was introduced and implemented by Christi Duts in Baja Mexico has been a very heartwarming, eye-opening, informative journey.

It amazes me how forthcoming these students have been. For decades I have begged those in society to share on social media, just what they did as a Domino Deed. Over 10,615 opportunities reflecting as many paintings that have been handed over, yet adults simply have not told their stories.

These students, so far, Ellie, Kendra, Alejandro, Tyler have shared with us remarkable accounts of what acts they did, and those stories enable the reader to be a part of that experience.

Getting students so involved/invested in anything is a major accomplishment. This project is a testament to their teacher Christi. She obviously introduced a concept that caught their eye, touched their hearts, and motivated them into action, not just going thru the motions but to put so much thought into what they wanted to do and then execute their plan perfectly.

One student enlisted her mother to help her cook meals for a local charity that helped children of low-income families.

I am so impressed with the youth involved and for Christi and other school officials who had a hand in this project. I challenge readers to reach out to other school districts and share this example with them to see if they are bold enough to engage in a similar project with their students?

While we await further stories from more and more students and I respond to each with a personal message, thru their teacher, we hope to share with you their stories as well.

I deeply appreciate the young people who took part in this mission. It is so refreshing and rewarding to be involved in this mission with students They are our future and it just blows my mind how meticulous they have proven to be.

If these students are any indication of what type of hands we, as a society, are in for the future, I hope readers sigh relief knowing these young people have our backs. There will be someone to help us across the street, to feed us and to protect our interests and ensure we maintain our dignity.

Much love and respect to everyone involved. You have all touched my heart profoundly and made 30 plus years of doing what I do, worthwhile.

Jim Fussell/Artist/Domino Deeds

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