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From: Jim Fussell/Artist/Domino Deeds

March 29th, 2022

I want to thank Maddy, a student at Williams College in Mass. Maddy reached out to me because her studio art class is focused on “Art into Activism”.

For Domino Deeds to reach such a prestigious college, is a true honor to those of us associated with this Domino Deeds movement.

Maddy asked several questions. I sent her a packet of information via snail mail, once she receives and opens it, I believe she will be pleased.

Domino Deeds has become a tool educators are utilizing on a regular basis not only in the United States but in other countries as well.

It brings us joy to know that what we do is appreciated by parts of the world we never imagined would even hear of us,

I am blessed to be associated with such a remarkable team, as well as linked at the hip with Designed Conviction of Washington State. We all work together very well and have none of the micro management crap others experience in their ventures.

The Baja Mexico private school event went so flawless, due to the organizational talents of Christi, the joy and pride from that event is still fresh in my heart and mind. Those students are trully remarkable in every way and beyond.

Christi is involved in a potential event for Southern Ohio that may unfold in the very near future. Over the past four and a half decades, I have attempted to reach out and offer the olive branch to some of those from my past that I did wrong to. Making amends is never easy and getting your toe in the door is even a bigger obstacle.

Many in society do not believe in second chances or making amends or embracing true change. Redemption, is a alien language to many.

I can only try to present the person I have become and invite those from my past, the opportunity to decide if they care enough to listen/observe, let alone believe.

We hope that the citizens of Monroe County will at least listen and take part in whatever community benefit is offered. The cause is more important than what any of them may believe of me, so I sincerely hope the benefit will not be impacted negatively, because of who is connected to it.

My goal is to change opinions of who I have become today, from who I once was. If that requires doing so one brush stroke at a time, that is what I will do.

I thank all of those who follow me on Twitter… JimFussellDD. We have grown to 4,825 followers, in merely 13 months and social media is a fantastic means to communicate with all walks of life.

Special thanks to the amazing team of administrators on Domino Deeds social media platforms. It is a genuine pleasure to work with each of you and learn so much from you.

Working on some other projects, soon to be announced. Thank you to everyone. I wish you all the best.

Jim Fussell/Founder