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Please read, a letter from Humans of San Quentin to Jim Fussell

James Fussell A154-973

Marion Correctional institution

P.O. Box 57

Marion, Ohio 43301

November 15, 2022

Dear Jim,

We hope this letter finds you in good health and a wonderful mindset, we think about all of you inside daily. First and foremost, thank you so much for your letter: your discussion of your work and dedication to your organization was inspiring. It is so amazing to hear the positivity you bring to your work. It is clear that you are passionate about the work that you do and your projects exude this. Your messages of random kindness and uplifting others are a sentiment we could use much more of in the world. Your piece was written quite powerfully and poignantly, we think that your introspection offered your audience a compelling window into your world. We were touched by your wonderfully written piece. We often hear from many people that reflecting upon their submission gives them a different perspective and we hope this process offers you something new. Learning about your journey certainly gave us insight into your life, thank you for believing in us.

We have featured your narrative and pictures on our various platforms, including our website, Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. You have effectively contributed to our mission of changing the general public’s perspectives of incarcerated people. Your captivating words have great potential to resonate with people emotionally and educate many. You can see that point reinforced in several of the comments from your Instagram post.

We appreciate your trust in us to share your voice with the world. Vulnerability is one of the strongest traits a person can have, and in this case, you have employed it for positive change. We hope you take great pride in sharing your piece. This window into your world, you have chosen to share is impactful, it is powerful and it is valued in the eyes of so many humans. The ultimate goal of Humans of San Quentin is to shine a light into every cell around the globe and bring a collective consciousness surrounding the way to incarcerate and rehabilitate our community. We are glad you took the time to stop and consider us. As of today we are a tiny organization including three people who were released from SQ last year. Diane and a handful of interns. Because of you we are bringing an awakening to life.

Your faith while living inside keeps us going. Truly thank you for your words.

To commemorate your accomplishments, we are sending you a certificate to recognize your trust in us, the vulnerability you have chosen to share with the world, and your honesty and truth for the same education and awareness. For this, we thank you from the bottom of our hearts. We how you continue writing for yourself and others in the future. You are in our minds and our hearts, we send good vibes your way!

Diane, Juan & the Humans of San Quentin Team

Humans of San Quentin

P.O. Box 417

San Quentin, Can 94964

P.S. When you are released, we would love to do a follow-up interview. It would be featured in our Beyond the Bars” section, which lives on our website and continues the stories of those already featured who have made it out of the prison walls. These stories are also featured in our newsletters.

In Recognition Presented To. Jim Fussell

For your willingness to be vulnerable and truthful n your published writings that give voice to the unheard. Your story plays a pivotal role in the public’s education about those living behind bars.

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