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December 29, 2022

By: Jim Fussell/Founder/Domino deeds/Artist

To close out 2022 I was able to pull off another series of PAY IT FORWARD DOMINO DEEDS BINGO.

We just completed our twice yearly bingo for those of us who remain violation free. Prizes are generally bowls, hygiene products, socks, pillow or some other sundry product.

The method I use, I get a bingo card, as numbers are called out, I play until I reach BINGO, only I DO NOT yell out BINGO, instead I remain quiet and wait and watch as more numbers are called out, eventually the next person yells out excitedly, BINGO. I sit back smiling to myself, knowing that my silence during my win, enabled another human to enjoy the win. If I had yelled out Bingo, that person would not have won. It is that simple.

I never tell the person what I have done, sometimes a person wins who I am not particularly fond of, other times it is a person who not only is a decent person, but they need the winnings.

This evening two people were winners by regular bingo and then the cover-all bingo. Of the three recipients of Domino Deeds Bingo, two of them I do not care for, the cover-all bingo winner is a OK guy and he was so excited to have won. None will ever know they were part of a special game, that adds to the fun, for me. Just something I came up with many years ago and have looked forward to anytime Bingo is offered behind bars.

In society, I know individuals get hostile over bingo and I seriouly doubt any of them would ever try DOMINO DEEDS BINGO. However the concept is offered. If anyone cares to try it, I urge you to report your experience on social media. Perhaps those in society will pick it up and run with it.

People probably wonder why I smile during bingo, It warms my heart. Some may not understand the concept or be willing to think of others.

I hope the New Year is good for all of you. I urge you to check out…. and read the cover letter, consider signing the petition and leave a comment if you are comfortable in doing so.

Additionally I urge you to check out Twitter, JimFussellDD..

Thank you for your time, I remain


Jim Fussell