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March 29, 2022

From: Jim Fussell/Artist/Founder/Domino Deeds

REF: Upcoming Goal

This is an open invitation to a high school teacher in Columbus, Worthington, Grove City, or the surrounding area.

We at Domino Deeds are looking for a teacher in a high school, preferably Junior and/or Senior class, to agree to a special groundbreaking event in your school.

I am prepared to donate 100 to 200 landscape paintings to the teacher selected, for that teacher to raffle them off to the students in his or her class.

Jim Fussell

Prior to this raffle/distribution, there are a few minor ground rules in order for this event to be successful.

#1. The selected teacher is encouraged to review ALL social media sites that involve Domino Deeds. To enable the teacher to be familiar with the mission work and overall concept of Domino Deeds.

These sites will contain a specific account of a recent school event in Baja Mexico where high school students were gifted a painting and then documented the adventure in detail which is shared on social media, reaching other countries. Reading you will get a better idea of how the event was presented and implemented.

Said sites include

Facebook…Domino Deeds
and YouTube … Jim Fussell Marion
(this Tedx talk in its entirety 18 minutes, 22 seconds is the key tool necessary for the students to watch, prior to receiving their individual paintings).

#2. The teacher will be expected to enable all those participating in class, to listen to and watch the video in its entirety. The teacher must have the blessing of his or her school administrator prior to taking on this project.

#3. Once the teacher is familiar with the concept, participants who are given a painting will then be encouraged to reach out and perform an act of kindness to another human or cause. This creates a domino effect, one good deed multiplies into a chain reaction of good deeds.

The teacher is to allow the students to individually decided what they want to do with their painting. Some may want to regift the painting, some may decide to keep the painting for themself, some may want to offer the painting to an organization or cause to auction off for money to help specific needs.

Whatever the student decides must be his or her decision. It is vital that the teacher NOT sway the decision. Students in essence become the teacher as the educators sit back and observe.

We at Domino Deeds have witnessed marvelous deeds that students in Baja Mexico performed on their own.

It is necessary for the teacher selected in this event to instruct each student to write a report/account in detail, of just what they did with their painting, how they decided on what deed to pass on and how the experience made them feel, how it made the recipient feel, reactions, etc.

The students should be asked whether they believe the exercise of giving is a worthwhile step and whether it bothers them that the concept of Domino Deeds originates from a prisoner. Will they repeat kindness in their everyday lives due to this experience?

The teacher would be asked to share all written accounts on Domino Deeds social media sites, thru one of my administrators. Their contact info will be made available once a teacher is selected and that teacher will communicate directly with them.

Considering Ohio schools wrap things up around the first week of June, for summer break, I am looking at having the selection of a teacher and school, made prior to September 2022 when schools resume operation.

I am prepared right now with 100 to 200 paintings in my possession that I have painted, but finding a central Ohio teacher willing to engage in this special offer, may prove to be challenging. If you are interested or know of someone to recommend, please reach out NOW.

Jim Fussell

Additionally, this teacher and the school administration must agree to allow local major news media, including T.V. reporters to broadcast coverage of this event, cautiously, protecting the identity of the minors involved.

Domino Deeds wants to engage in “giving back” to society in a positive manner. This unique concept that I have developed decades ago, has so far, enabled over 10,875 handpainted landscapes to leave prison walls and reach various countries, countless causes, touch the lives of thousands.

So if you are a teacher who teaches in any High School in Central Ohio, I urge you to post a reply on this site and one of my administrators will connect with you directly. I look forward to hearing that someone has reached out. If others respond, we will work with as many as we can locate to the best of our ability.

True I paint faster than Bob Ross on crack, but still, I am one person juggling many facets of this wonderful creation we call Domino Deeds.

Please feel free to reach out to us and I invite any feedback to enable me to address your concerns.

Best wishes to all.


Jim Fussell/Founder/Artist
Domino Deeds