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.A petition from James Fussell, Jr. A154-973, to the Ohio Parole Board, and those forgiving individuals in society who believe in second chances, a plea to support this petition.

Second chances deliver the opportunity to correct a wrong, choose a better path, and live a life of renewed purpose. Today I am asking for a second chance.

Four and a half decades ago, ( yes NINE United States Presidents have come and gone in that time span), I committed a serious crime which led to my conviction and imprisonment. I made a terrible choice that I deeply regret each and every day. In an instant the lives of the victims, families, and community as a whole, were forever changed. Over the past many decades I have experienced empathy, remorse, regrets, and fully understand the ripple effect of my bad actions. I have served the sentence imposed by the judge, to release eligibility, PLUS 25 years in excess, beyond my parole eligibility. Please view YouTube Jim Fussell-My Parole Board Journey, for a better idea of how I served my time.

One may ask, how much time is needed to rehabilitate someone? I believe rehabilitation comes from within each individual. I have used my time productively & proven why I am an excellent candidate, for a second chance. I have identified my inner flaws that led me down the path of criminal behavior and focused on correcting that behavior. Have completed successfully, many programs & developed a significant number of job skills, furthered my education, overcome my addictions, and been clean for many decades.

Behind bars I have contributed to society and many countries, by gifting my art to assist various individuals, causes, events, charities, touching thousands of lives in uplifting ways. As my art travels, I connect with many people and this enables me to thrive, grow, and absorb advice, gain knowledge, enhance my values and develop a strong and supportive network. Research shows that art helps transform prisoners’ lives, and the result can be a better person, a better town, a better nation and perhaps a better world.

I see art as a tool in my toolbox, as a form of contributing, to support emotional, social and cognitive growth. In creating, this tool has been a way to help spread that change, through the pay it forward initiative. It’s a simple concept where I paint landscapes & donate them to individuals/causes for a good deed to follow. Over 10,875 of my landscapes have touched the lives of thousands and made a genuinely positive impact on society, around the world.

You can get more info about my mission by visiting the Domino Deeds site at also Twitter…. JimFussellDD

All sites are administered by Domino Deeds team members from many countries. Everyone has a story, and challenges in their lives. I have connected with hundreds of individuals one on one and felt the pain. My heart has been touched and it is always an emotional experience to feel empathy for what happens in another’s shoes. Caring is rewarding, and lifting others up from despair is even more rewarding.

Sometimes in life, a simple signature can save a person’s life. By signing this petition supporting my release from prison in July 2023, you are allowing your voice to be heard. As a stakeholder of society, you are exercising your desire to see justice served, by GRANTING this Second Chance.

Click on this link to sign the petition please:

I am 65 now, 21 when my crime occurred. With so many jobs available in society, it would be the ideal opportunity for me to be a story of success by being granted parole. My goal is to be a productive member of society, to prove to each of you, that YOU did the right thing by endorsing my release from prison. I thank each of you. I ask you to please share this plea for help, with all of your contacts & social media followers. You can reach out to Ohio Department of Rehabilitation & Corrections to share stories of how I have impacted your life in a positive way, by going James Fussell Jr. A154-973Respectfully Submitted, James FussellFounder/Artist/Domino Deeds