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To: All Concerned

From: Jim Fussell

We at Domino Deeds are pleased to announce the distribution of 130 of my landscape paintings. This action has been taking place the past two weeks, shipments continue to go out throughout the next two weeks as well.

We were able to team up with contacts in England, there 48 paintings were shipped, most will be auctioned and 100% of proceeds will benefit local needs around the UK.

A shipment went to Washington State where Designed Conviction will manage distribution and determine how to best utilize each piece.

Another shipment went to New York where we anticipate exciting things to take place there. They are in capable hands and like others I look forward to hearing details of what worthy causes were helped.

I decided to send a shipment to my former home county. I have never focused on the past but felt it was my responsibility to extend the olive branch and donate a lot of my art to potentially help someone or some cause in need. I hope my gestures do not upset anyone.

Other bundles of art have gone to churches in various parts of the State. Some I have a connection to, one in Worthington Ohio, I had joined forces with on a few major charitable events. Some going back several decades.

When you join forces with a person, cause, or entity, a bond is formed and unity always gets things done.

Over the past four decades Domino Deeds has now successfully distributed 10,457 landscape paintings to date. As the sole artist, looking back I never dreamed the mission would lead to so many remarkable accomplishments, nor had I any clue how much money would be raised for so many individuals and charities.

I wish that I had a number to share but I simply do not. Some of my art brings several hundred dollars per piece, I do not receive a penny of it. Most people that have my art also have a remarkable story to share. I love to hear about their stories and how my creations touched their life. Accounts of what takes place, are priceless. Not everything in life has a dollar sign.

I look forward to seeing what happens with the present 130 paintings that are reaching their destinations. With pandemic rules being lifted, things are opening back up and society will be eager to get out and take in all of the things they have missed for the past year and half.

I wish everyone the best. If you received paintings from me, I am counting on you to make sure the Domino Deed followers share in the stories attached to you and how you lifted someone up in your community. I thank each of you.

Always yours,

Jim Fussell/Artist/Founder Domino Deeds