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From Jim Fussell


This is to inform everyone that effective June 18th, the JPAY email server that presently is used by me, will NO LONGER be in operation.

Instead, I invite you to join and utilize the new system, please follow these steps.

Go to:

Search for institution: ORW. (this is the parent launch site used by GTL)

Booking # you punch in is: A154973

Name: James Fussell, Jr.

You can set up your instant text messaging account. I believe they require $10.00 to open said account, Cost: ten cents per 1500-character text. GTL only charges me Five cents to reply.

Once you are up and running, feel free to write as often as you want. I reply to all messages promptly.

My apology for being silent the past few months, have been working on a personal matter that eventually I will share with all of you.

For those who have been frequent messagers, thank you. There are others who kinda dropped off over the years, again my thanks to everyone. Connecting with those in society is always a joy and hopefully, I have been able to shed light on areas you were unsure of and reluctant to navigate.

I look forward to hearing from you all, friends and foes. I always open my door to those who have had negative feelings towards me, and my past, and enable everyone to get a glimpse into just who I really am today and what I represent.

Too often we focus only on the past and are blinded to what is now. I know we can never go back in time, only a fool thinks otherwise.

I wish each of you the best. I invite you to be part of my today and tomorrow. Thank you for everything.

Jim Fussell