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Domino Deeds Lends A Hand

November 17, 2020

By: Jim Fussell

Hello everyone. I have been in talks with a representative of a wildlife rescue organization here in Ohio. The wildlife reserve has hundreds of acres I am told, fenced and posted where hunters are not permitted.

Far too often animals are endangered and need to be rescued. A satellite rescue center is being revamped or shall we use the term, resurrected to house a variety of critters, from baby ducklings, squirrels, rabbits, fox, birds, hawks, eagles, basically any animal you can imagine.

Those animals remain in the satellite center until they are old enough to be released in a safe environment or well enough to do so.

Those involved are certified and licensed to carry out those tasks. While I am neither of those, although I have nursed baby ducklings up to the point where they could be released, I instead am taking on a different roll at this time.

As a part of Domino Deeds outreach, we have decided to donate paintings to be auctioned off, to raise funds for the resurrection of the wildlife satellite center.

While those in charge are getting certified and all of the red tape gets cleared up and licenses secured, updated, I have completed 50 paintings for this venture.

As information becomes available I will try to share the latest on this site. It is my hope that the Domino Deed community will consider contributing to this cause financially, while becoming the owner of a unique landscape painted by me.

Normally Domino Deeds focuses on human causes, needs, however we have contributed to many dog and cat shelters over the years and this satellite shelter is located in a place few would expect and offering help from behind bars is equally unexpected, but a opportunity I am pleased to be a part of.

We hope that our viewers remain safe during this insane time and try to have a blessed Holiday season. Just know that each of you are appreciated and your lives matter. If you can think of any unique causes that could use some assistance, please send that information to us so we can evaluate and perhaps tackle. Together we can make progress, even during a pandemic.

Jim Fussell
MCI PO Box 57
Marion,Ohio 43301