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by: Jim Fussell/Artist

July 17, 2021

Hello to all,

As each of us gather our thoughts, try to pick up the pieces of our lives, while frantic to reach some degree of normal, the same goes for those behind bars.

As sole artist of Domino Deeds I was affected in many ways and a lot of my efforts had to be side railed, however compared to many others plight in society, I dare to complain because they lost so much.

On the bright side, through my continued health issues, I have managed to return to leaving my mark. During the past 60 days alone, I have shipped out paintings to causes in New York, Washington State, Pennsylvania, three counties in Ohio as well as a major shipment to Chichester England. In total there are 155 paintings being utilized in numerous ways by fabulous people who are spearheading their causes that are in need.

These 155 paintings bring the total number of paintings painted by Jim Fussell in my painting career, to 10,612. That is what I call LEAVING MY MARK……:-)

One church in Ohio has turned over their 15 paintings to OPERATION 6:12. If you research on-line you will find out more about the center that helps men and women with drug/alcohol demons. I’ve Been there, done that, clean since 1990 now.

In a few weeks the paintings, after being framed by two wonderful Amish men, will be auctioned off and proceeds will be utilized by the center. I hope readers will check out the site to learn more. Our goal is to post details after the auction or share with you a overview from Minister Bonice. He selected the recipient of the Domino Deed Gifts. He felt my actions (unsolicited) were a sign from God, during a time of great need.

The England paintings are reportedly doing remarkably well. A art fair in Sussex, Exhibition in Chichester and two other location. A major announcement will be made in the very near future about activities in the U.K.

In July 2023 I will see the parole board again. In Ohio we go up two months earlier then what is posted on the ODRC website. I am hopeful that folks will become involved and let their voices be heard TODAY. After all, EACH of you are stakeholders.

If you would like to reach out today and document your voice, please include my name (James Fussell, Jr. A154-973) Email the board at:
You can call them to have your opinion logged, at 614-995-0146.

To join lively exchange of thoughts, please check out on TWITTER, JimFussellDD.

To learn more about positive social enterprises that deal with wide variety of things, please check out www. designed where you will find out more about Life Of A Lifer and Wife Of A Lifer. Domino Deeds is happy to have partnered with Designed Conviction LLC.

I wish everyone the very best in overcoming the hardships you have faced the past year and a half. With the variants looming and nothing being 100% safe, I will continue to hold each of you in my prayers.

We can not let our guard down. I was vaccinated with the maderna. Many in society are reluctant to get vaccinated and I know we all have freedom of choice. All I can share is that I became infected with Covid and it was no picnic. I continue to have serious issues and often we become a study instead of part of a cure.

Please be safe. I hope to continue to reach out to society to assist in causes. With the help of Designed Conviction we can accomplish even more.


Jim Fussell
Founder Domino Deeds