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August 23, 2020

by Jim Fussell

Few people knew that I have been out of commission, regarding my ability to paint, for the past six months. Today I broke out the paints and worked on two paintings, both winter scenes, hopeful the cool scene would make the temperature surrounding me, seem cooler.

As many may know, I became infected with the corona virus several months ago as did nearly 2,400 other prisoners in this prison. Some were fortunate that they showed no signs, others like myself went thru some serious issues that still linger today.

Many in society think that wearing a mask is a waste of time. They seem unaware of just how devastating this virus and the unknowns connected to it, really are.

I would hope that adults especially, would take on the mindset that they are role models and be mindful that others follow their lead. When a person puts on that mask or bandana, they are telling others that they respect them, they care about their health, they are showing that they are aware of the dangers lurking.

I wear masks all the time, they become so common that I have actually worn mine to the shower. They have many benefits that normally one would not be aware of.

Some may wonder, do I wear my mask when I paint, the answer is yes. The studio I use is a table about 36″x36″ and 106 fellow prisoners are always walking around me, it has become normal for us to protect ourselves as well as others.

I see on t.v. where younger people like to congregate and party and just have fun. Oblivious to the dangers lurking. I would hope that they would be examples, leaders and not followers.

In the music industry where so many people follow those who have talent, you would hope that the musicians, singers, crew would all wear masks. They could set a trend for the followers who love to support their music. But unfortunately, some of them simply do not care about anyone or anything except for money. Sad that they may never get their eyes opened until a loved one becomes sick and faces the devastation of the virus, by then it is too late.

I still face health issues linked to the virus. The CDC is constantly coming up with new information on this virus that has so many unknowns. None of us are out of danger.

I hope to have a new batch of landscapes completed in the very near future. There are several charities needing assistance and Domino Deeds continuous to evolve. During this pandemic we had to alter some of our projects, but we are expanding, thanks to Designed Conviction and the wonderful folks connected with that venue.

During these times we find ourselves in territory we are unfamiliar with. I hope that those reading these pages will remain safe and understand that someone cares.


Jim Fussell
A154-973 M.C.I.
P.O.Box 57
Marion Ohio 43301