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To: Ohio parole Board

Ref: Jim Fussell, Jr. A154-973

To Whom It May Concern:

My name is Angie Dent, CEO and Managing Partner of Ablaze organization. We write on behalf of Mr, Jim Fussell, Jr. parole consideration.

Jim is the Founder of a wonderful organization called Domino Deeds. This creative grassroots organization has a wonderful empowering message and encourages “paying it forward”. Jim is very creative and has found positive ways to express himself, give back to the community and promote positivity. His willingness to help others is another positive.

Mr. Fussell’s organization is one that he does not take lightly and one that has and will continue to provide support and hope for many to come. Jim has spent his time being diligent in his work and determined to conduct himself in a professional manner. His desire to be free and to remain free is more than one can describe. He is a thoughtful individual and maintains his positive attitude.

Jim understands the importance of being surrounded by positivity and the right people. He only desires a chance of being a respectful, law abiding tax paying citizen is all he desires.

We respectfully request that Jim Fussell Jr. is granted parole. Jim has learned many skills to guarantee his success and will remain a free man if granted this opportunity.


Angie Dee, CEO
Managing Partner
Ablaze, Reform and ReEntry