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From: Jim Fussell

As many may know, some major changes are about to take place in Ohio prisons & jails, affecting several thousands of incarcerated individuals. Those individuals will be walking amongst some readers.

These changes are a result of Bills being passed, laws changed, enactment of specific provisions regarding prisoners.

In short, many communities are about to have formerly incarcerated individuals, as neighbors. Yes the same people previously considered as “disposable”, will now be frequenting the same places as those who shunned them in the past.

Myself I try to persuade guys to refrain from going back to the communities where they committed their crime. Statistically it is not a wise choice for many reasons.
Myself I have no intention of returning to Monroe County.

So many in society are unfamiliar with employment opportunities surrounding the criminal justice system as a whole. Again if not affected personally, people simply do not bother to educate themselves on such matters,

Presently all 88 counties in Ohio are hiring Parole Officers. The pay is reportedly $33.00 per hour. You can select which county you prefer.

Anytime an incarcerated individual is released from prison, he or she must be supervised for up to FIVE YEARS. This involves reporting to a parole officer for visits, maintaining employment, not engaging in criminal behavior, and basically becoming an upstanding citizen.

The parole officer’s task is to keep tabs, verify employment and hold ex-prisoners accountable.

Being interviewed for employment to become a parole officer is simple. You can go to the O.D.R.C. website or Google Ohio Parole Board. The application is online.

Retired people would be an ideal fit for such a job, Not hard work, not physically demanding, great benefits, great pay, no one micromanaging you, and no overtime.

I hope this information will assist someone in making a life-altering decision that till now, that person had no idea such a job was available.

Wishing everyone the best,

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Jim Fussell