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It brings me great pleasure to welcome Christi Duts and Gabrielle (Gabs) Runzer as co-administrator’s to Domino Deeds. Christi resides in Baja Mexico and has been gracious enough to offer her help. Gabs resides in Germany, born in Canada, educated in England, and brings remarkable talents to the table as well.

Both are published writers/authors, very well educated and focused, determined with new energy. I look forward to their visions, their suggestions and their help.

We at DD are always trying to reach new destinations and to share our mission of paying it forward. Christi has orchestrated a unique project that has brought much excitement and anticipation. Together we all hope to share everything with those who follow the DD sites and our goal is to enable others around the world to follow our lead in their own communities.

Christi is a author and a high school teacher, as well as teaching on-line clients. She has discussed with and obtained approval from her boss, to present an opportunity to her students.

I shipped 74 paintings to the school there and those paintings will be gifted to the students after they are presented with Domino Deeds history.

Without prodding or direction, our intent is to sit back and observe just what each student decides to do with his or her painting. Will they give it to a loved one, will they donate to a cause/event/charity or what exactly will transpire?

The educators will monitor events to insure the students are safe, but it is purely a observation that will be documented in each of the 74 potential stories.

Our goal is to present all accounts on the Domino Deeds social media platforms. If others see just what our youth can accomplish on their own, perhaps other youth and adults will follow their examples.

In this situation, the students in Baja Mexico are becoming the teachers. We (the observers) become the students. I am so proud of Christi, her boss, the other educators, and above all, I am super proud of the students. They may be setting the bar very high by their actions. I am keeping my distance so that I do not influence this process at all. I am excited and eager to see and hear about, the results.

If the students lift others up and brighten the day of those who really need it, we will know our mission was a success. If one of the students look at his or her painting and become critical and rip it up, that too would be ideal. 🙂 I look for genuine feedback. Not everyone is expected to like my style of art, I welcome critics as well as those who compliment me.

Again I am so happy to welcome Christi and Gabs, and administrator Cecilia Conley in Washington State, (Cecilia is the CEO of Designed Conviction LLC) together we can reach even more goals.

To the students mentioned above, I am keeping my fingers crossed that this experience will follow you for the rest of your lives, and plant that seed in your heart, that will enable others that you touch, thru the ripple affect to pass your kindness & love on to others.

With much respect and gratitude,

Jim Fussell