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From: Jim Fussell/Domino Deeds

To readers far and near. Have you ever wondered what it would be like to have DIRECT INSTANT CONTACT with me?

Well now is your chance. I invite you to go to the phone app store, search for TELMATE. Consider signing up/joining. This will enable you to exchange text messages with James Fussell, Jr. A154-973.

The set-up procedure is in play now. The start-up date for instant text messaging will occur anytime, to be announced.

The present texting server (jpay) will soon be deactivated/dismantled. Anyone wishing to have direct contact with me (text messaging and/or phone calls) is invited to set up a user account with TELMATE. It is connected to GTL (global tel link – the GTL GettingOut app), the phone provided I utilize now.

Thank you for your time attention. I look forward to communicating with many of you.


Jim Fussell

A154-973 MCI

P.O. Box 57

Marion, Ohio 43301