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by. Jim Fussell

March 7, 2021

It has been a year now since I became infected with the dreaded Covid Virus. While my symptoms at the time were serious, I at least did not end up on a ventilator like so many others did.

Over these past 12 months my body has endured a number of peculiar symptoms, a 12 week stint where my arms became beet red and swollen, extremely painful. Oddly from my wrists to my elbows, on both arms.

Medical staff could never pinpoint the cause. Steroid pills and shot only seemed to worsen the condition. Then once that vanished, my hands became inflamed/cracked and barely useable for many months.

My vision deteriated drastically and alarmingly, now the next step, awaiting surgery.

My memory has become problematic. Not sure what will happen in that regard.

My knees became inflamed and excruciatingly painful, again I had never experienced any knee problems before.
While I consider at 64 some things happen due to age but the list of other ailments just makes me wonder how much of it is due to covid?

I have agreed to take the vaccine, might get that first dose this next week even though I hate needles. I see the needles the medical people use on t.v. and those needles are huge, plus they find it necessary to stick the entire needle into the arm.

Why they can’t put a vaccine in patch form or pill form, I wonder?

No one seems to have a answer to just what all is happening inside our bodies due to this virus, or just how the vaccine will turn out months from now. I guess if we start to grow tails or extra sets of teeth, we will know that things are simply messed up big time.

I hope those in society are having better luck. I continue to urge everyone to wear your masks and keep as clean as you can.

Everyone is tired, but no matter what side of the fence, we are all in this together. If anyone else is experiencing similar side affects, at least now you know that you are not alone.

My best to everyone.

Jim Fussell