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To: All Domino Deed Followers

From: Jim Fussell/Artist-Founder

Date: December 16, 2021


Once again Ohio news leaders are reporting shortages of the blood supply for citizens not only in Ohio but other States as well.

Yesterday while I was at OSU hospital in Columbus, Ohio, I heard the medical helicopter land and envisioned some poor souls life hanging by a thread and within moments possibly needing a blood transfusion to save their life.

What if there were no blood available? Does that victim simply die? What if it were your parent, spouse, child, cousin, aunt, uncle, neighbor, friend, etc, on that helicopter and they desperately needed blood to live, could biases be set aside to enable those lives to be saved?

In 1987 I did a five part series called BEHIND BARS with a t.v. reporter named Kathy Brown, from a Huntington WV prominent T.V. station. A different segment aired each evening after the 11:00 p.m. news.

One of the topics was the idea of Prisoners donating blood to Ohio blood banks. With nearly 50,000 incarcerated individuals in the State of Ohio prison system, thousands would gladly donate blood weekly or however often is permitted by medical experts.

Some in society may feel that if the blood of a murderer is pumped into their veins, they then would have impulses to murder.

Some think if a sex offender donates blood that whomever gets that blood will either become a child molester or a serial rapist.

Lets face it folks, to be blunt, you simply can’t fix stupid! There are those in society that believe prisoner blood is tainted. People are entitled to their opinions, myself I would rather listen to experts in the field of health care then form my own individual opinion, belief.

In prisons the officials pretty much know who has HIV or hepatitis or any other medical condition that would make their blood unfavorable for life saving use. However there are thousands of incarcerated individuals that have good blood, some with perhaps rare blood types.

Again I do not know if the above mentioned compromised individuals with HIV or Hep are now privy to some sort of modern medicine that enables their blood to be utilized or not? Please keep in mind I have been locked up for 44 years and know little about alot.

I do not understand why society has blinders on when it comes to thinking outside the box. Afraid to be a leader in taking first steps to introduce change, introduce new ways of thinking.

Sadly it takes your loved ones life hanging on a thread, needing that pint of blood that ISN’T available because you, your neighbor, your community and others were afraid to remove your blinders, afraid to reach out and pick up your phones and call the Governor, call prison Director Annette Chambers-Smith, call the State of Ohio Board of Health, call legislators, call news reporters, reach out on social media…make you voices be heard. Closed mouths do not get fed.

Until you take action, nothing will change. With social media, miracles can happen and you can share stories and everyone else can share, before you know it all of Ohio is talking.

Please do not sit back. If you read this, pick up the phone, text someone, tell them I asked you, I have no problem with anyone pointing a finger at me. I never write or say anything without backing it up 100%.

There are blood mobile’s that can easily travel to prisons or medical staff can make arrangements with ODRC officials to enter prisons to collect blood.

I have spoken of this before and will continue to do so until someone gathers enough interest to take that first step to make this a reality.

Your loved one just might be that next person we all care about. Question is, do we care enough to pitch in to have a hand in saving that life tomorrow by our efforts and actions today?

Myself, I want my blood to save lives and I HATE needles. Please do the right thing. Thank You.


Jim Fussell
Founder/Artist-Domino Deeds