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Meet Jim Fussell

 Meet Jim Fussell, an Ohio man convicted in 1979, who is serving two consecutive prison terms of 20 years to life. Jim is a self-taught artist and the Founder of Domino Deeds, an organization based on the Pay it Forward initiative. Jim has donated his paintings to many silent auctions in hopes that the person who receives one of his paintings that they do something special for someone else, a small act of kindness. 


 I am 62, will be 63 on February 7th. Born in 1957. I see myself as a compassionate, kind, person who shows a humorous side, often poking fun at myself and my own shortcomings. This tends to put others at ease. I care about people, enjoy meeting strangers and am a loyal confidant, a true friend for life. I do not want to be lied to and I do not lie. I used to be a terrible liar back when I abused drugs/alcohol, did not like that trait so vowed to erase it from my life.


I have made a series of really bad choices in my life. Was very unfair/cruel/disrespectful to those who once knew me and loved me. I blame my own choices, allowing drugs to be more important than everything else. Things I deeply regret. Unfortunately I know I can not change the past. I can only strive to do the right things today and tomorrow, treat those I encounter with respect, allow myself to open my heart and accept them for whatever flaws or defects or qualities that person may possess.


Life is too short to look back. I have no crutches, I stand on my own two feet and have turned into a likable human being who is genuine. If I were to meet a stranger today, my goal would be to turn that stranger into a Friend and to care about their goals and try to be an asset.


I am an old lonely guy with few material things to share, but what I have inside is priceless. All I ask for is the opportunity to meet people. I love to write, love to talk on the phone, share laughter. In prison laughter is not so common.